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SSP is pleased to announce SSP Tubes. SSP Tubes are synonymous with Quality, Performance and Safety, while offering the utmost in convenience for instrumentation tubing applications.

Why SSP Tubes?

You already use high quality, specification-controlled instrumentation tube fittings.
These components come from SSP inspected, assembled, and bagged for cleanliness.

Tubing should also be shown similar consideration to ensure a leak free installation.

It is counterproductive to purchase a high quality, mechanically attached tube fitting and use it with the cheapest available tubing.

The quality of a mechanically attached tube fitting will be limited or compromised by the use of poor quality tubing.  


Restricted Tolerance Controls provide added safety.   



Materials  SSP Tubes are generally Dual Grade where possible. Dual Grade means alloy with identical physical characteristics and only slightly different chemical characteristics are supplied favoring the grade with the more refined chemical characteristics.

Hardness  - Instrumentation tube fittings require that the tubing be softer than the fitting material. SSP tubes have a lower hardness than specification allowance. This improves sealing performance, and allows tubing to be bent and formed easier.  

Roundness  Industry specifications allow some thin walled tubes to be produced with ovality of the tube twice the OD tolerance. SSP Tubes restrict this tolerance to better control quality.

Dimensional – Wall Thickness & Outside Diameter  Typical specifications permit tolerances larger and smaller than the nominal OD rating (aka “plus” and “minus”). SSP Tubes has restricted minimum tolerance of the “minus” because it is more difficult to seal undersized tubing reliably
  • SSP Duolok

  • SSP Unilok

  • SSP Griplok

  • SSP Trufit

  • SSP Flolok


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FloSource is a stocking SSP Fittings distributor, with large inventory levels of SSP Fittings in stock ready to ship.  We stock SSP fittings in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Brass.  Sizes range from 1/16" to 2".  The SSP Instrumentation line consists of the Duolok, Unilok, and Griplok Compression fittings as well as the SSP Trufit which are instrument grade pipe fittings.  The SSP Duolok line offers intermix ability and interchangeability with the " Swagelok " and " Parker A-LOK " brands.

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The SSP Unilok line offers intermix ability and interchangeability with " Parker CPI" brand.  The Griplok offers intermixability and interchange- ability with the " HOKE Gyrolok" brand.  SSP also offers Flolok instrumentation valves, hose assemblies and quick disconnects.  All of which are MADE IN THE USA.  Please call or email us for more information 
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